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What We Do


Pembrokeshire Stoves is run by a dedicated stove specialist.  Our main ambition is to help people chose the right stove – one that meets as many of their needs as possible.  Happy customers over profit has always been our main goal and this has not changed.


How to decide?

Trying to choose the right stove can be a tricky business. It’s important to get not only the size and output correct, but many other aspects also need to be researched such as how hot the stove body gets in relation to building materials and furnishings nearby.  Other questions include efficiency, how clean the glass stays and ease of lighting. We are happy to arrange a site visit free of charge so that an informed decision can me made when trying to choose the right stove for you.

Knowledge and Understanding

I have what I suppose can only be described as (what I hope is) a healthy obsession with stoves. It all started when we built our own home from a converted church over 11years ago. Since then and much to the disappointment of my poor wife, I have personally trialled and tested over 40 different stove makes and models here at home and in the showroom.  Whenever I see or sell a stove yet untested, I either make the time to try it or use a follow up phone call to find out the highlights, quirks and feedback on what the stove is like to live with. This is incredibly important as it enables me to feedback to manufacturer to encourage changes in design and crucially help future customers make informed decisions about which stove to purchase in the future.

By sharing our genuine interest and understanding we can help you find a stove that meets your needs.


At What Cost?

Our pricing is very reasonable, and we try to closely match the Internet and sometimes can better prices online. We also source many stoves that are not listed and now have a number of new stoves under £550.00.  A budget stove section that will soon be live on the website.  In the meantime please enquire if this is of interest.


The User

The efficiency, safety and satisfaction of solid fuelled appliances are greatly increased with simple advice given to the user. Costumers must be fully aware of what fuel to burn and how to burn it. A detailed explanation as well as a fire lighting demonstration ensures that the user has the best possible chance of :

Benefiting from increased fuel efficiency and greater warmth a correctly used solid fuelled appliance will provide. Burning wood at a high temperature (around 1000° C) in a clean burning stove for example, will ensure that all the gasses are turned into heat rather than escaping as smoke. The difference in the amount of heat generated by a ‘clean burn’ is incredible. The customer must understand exactly how to achieve this in their new stove.
Ensuring that problems do not arise from poor burning techniques, maintenance and service.

Stoves & Repair

We strive to stock affordable quality stoves that are the most efficient on the market. Take a look at what our research team have uncovered on the stoves page or at the showroom, open by arrangement. We also service existing stoves.


Reducing damp is essential in living in a healthy environment and will reduce heating costs. Damp walls absorb heat as the moisture evaporates. It is common for chimney stacks to leak and cause damp in walls. We have perfected a very affordable system for making chimneys watertight without the need to take the entire chimney down. We can also advise on effective damp proofing systems for other areas of common damp problems.

Windkat Cowls are the best static anti-downdraught cowl I have ever come accross. It really can solve problems with smoke blowing back and fires not burning well, in an instant. Click on the link below for more information.

Contact us for a price (we will try and beat any price)

Some Good Advice

At the same time as investing in a stove or chimney liner it is worth considering improving insulation, reducing draughts and damp problems. Pembrokeshire stoves are able to advise on a large number of insulation options and can point you in the right direction in making big improvements often at little cost. For more info, just call us or drop us a line.

Our wealth of experience means that Pembrokeshire Stoves can confidently give you advice on a number of home heating and insulation topics. We thought we’d outline some useful advice here, but if you would like advice on something not mentioned here, we can definately try to answer your query.


Choosing a Stove

Stoves are not all the same. There are considerable differences in efficiency, ease of use, serviceability, longevity and cost. Choosing the right stove is an important starting point. Just some of the things to consider before asking for advice include: Will you have a supply of dry wood all year round? How often are you likely to use the stove? What proportion of the overall heating will it provide?

Installing a stove

There are three main approaches to installing stoves.

The most common due to its relatively low cost is to reline an existing chimney with a double skin flexible stainless steel liner. This system is not a permanent solution. The liners have a life expectancy of anywhere between 10 and 35 years depending on the grade and thickness of liner, fuel used (anthracite or wood) and the way the fuel is burnt.
Relining an existing chimney with pumice sections or solid 1mm stainless steel rigid pipe. This can be relatively easy in chimneys that are very straight or large enough for a person to climb inside (e.g. an inglenook). The pumice sections should in theory out live the house. The stainless steel as long as it is insulated and the correct fuel is burnt could easily last more than 65 years. The stainless rigid sections are easier and less expensive than pumice because they are thinner and lighter.If a chimney is winding and / or too small to climb inside then the only way to re-line using pumice of rigid sections of stainless steel is to unstitch the wall along most of its height. This can be expensive and disruptive, but does provide one of the most long term solutions.
The other type of pumice system is sectional free standaing DM system which can be cost effective, and outlast most other types of liners.

Using stainless steel insulated twin wall pipe is one of the only options if there is no existing chimney or the existing chimney is in filled or in the wrong place. Typically lasts much longer than the 15 year guarantee, but can be damaged prematurely if incorrect fuel is burnt or it is exposed to intense chimney fires. More expensive than relining existing chimneys with flexible liner or straight / accessible chimneys with rigid sectional liners. Not as expensive as unstitching a wall.

We can help you

To chose the stove that will serve you best, rather than the one which would bring us most profit.
get the best out your stove by giving practical demonstrations on burning fuel and lighting the fire.


Avoid poor quality flexible liners because the cost of changing them when they fail will far outweigh the small amount saved at the time.

What They’re Saying

Robin's knowledge, passion and expertise in stoves is second to none! We've had our stove now for 3 months. Installed the week before Christmas and has kept us toasty warm ever since. Thank you! I Highly recommend Pembrokeshire Stoves!

At the same time I also had Robin add a ‘Windkat’ to my other wood burner’s chimney, which had a very positive affect on the fire’s performance.

All in all I can highly recommend Pembrokeshire Stoves and would have no hesitation in employing Robin again!

Rachel Probert

Bought our second stove from Pembrokeshire Stoves after moving home and again we were delighted with our purchase. The stove is super efficient and uses surprisingly little wood for its output and gives great heat. Other features we like are the ease of it to clean and the glass which stays clean, we have never cleaned it in 2 years. The service and installation were also first rate, the house was left immaculate after installation even though the fireplace itself had to be opened back up.

All in all we we're delighted with the installation, chocie of stove, advice given and after care provided by Pembrokeshire Stoves and would highly recommend them.

Panda Waddup

Given excellent advice as which stove would be most suitable and duly fitted. Woodwarm Firewren working a treat and a delighted customer.


We were very pleased with the service provided by Robin, and with the Woodwarm stove that he fitted for us (Woodwarm Firewren). It’s very fuel-efficient and easy to light: I couldn’t fault it. Robin’s impartial advice was very helpful in stopping us from choosing a model that wouldn’t have worked well with our flue, and he made a very good job of fitting the new stove. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robin and his team.