Dean Forge has been one of, if not our bestselling stove brands over the past 5 years. The reason is simple in more ways than one.  Since the new 2022 clean air regulations, we have seen increasing stove complexity to lower emissions and up the efficiency – namely extra baffles above the fire, fiddly air controls and an array of air jets in the firebox. These changes in many stove models have caused draw issues and smoke into the room when refuelling, especially where flues go into the back of stoves or are short in overall length. During this recent upheaval, Dean Forge redesigned the internal combustion chambers like everyone else, but somehow managed to keep things simple and problem-free. They draw incredibly well – smoke issues are negligible – and they are so easy to light and use where many others would struggle.

Through simplicity, Dean Forge have managed to attain the same extremely high standards of eco status, beautiful flame patterns, burn-efficiency and low emissions associated with the new breed of SIA stoves.  Other stove companies have started to catch up and simplify what they had previously overcomplicated, but Dean Forge are still way ahead of many and hold this very strong point to this day.

My favourite Dean Forge models include the Croft Clearburn series with double-glazed glass and super-charged air inlets in the door.  These are simple but excellent stoves, especially for keeping on low-tick over burns for long periods of time. These really have to be up there at the top of the list if clean glass and background heat over a prolonged time is a priority.

The Woodbury is an absolute beauty and the most pleasing to the eye of the range in my opinion. It also has the most refined air control and door mechanisms of the range and is a dream to use.   The Dartmoor, though less refined, is our biggest seller of them all due to a lower price bracket. Both the Dartmoor and Woodbury burn beautifully and are extremely easy to light and use.

You just know when you buy any Dean Forge you will have a problem-free, pleasure-to-use stove that will instantly become a much-loved focal point of your home.