Lohberger cookers are especially designed to reach cooking temperature quickly by creating an incredible hot burn and then extracting as much heat as possible out of the flue gasses.


At the top of the fire box there is a narrow opening that concentrates the flames at the same time mixes in the pre-heated air igniting the flue gasses that would otherwise leave as un-burnt smoke. The Jetfire system is incredible effective and has resulted in Lohberger smashing the competition and winning a host of awards at the Swedish Ron&Rad woodburning efficiency awards.

Once the flue gases leave the firebox they snake around every surface of the oven to ensure an even cook. They then pass through a third chamber extracting even more heat from flue exhausts. These amazing cookers can reach up to 84% efficiency and are ready to cook on within minutes of lighting the fire.

Why not install a Lohberger cooker as a super-efficient room heater that you can use to cook, bake and roast.

Lohberger supply a large range of cookers and prices making them accessible to all.

The Lohberger Cooking Range
The Celus models are designed in Austria and built in China. They start at just over £1000 and have many of the same features as the top end models. I have had fantastic feedback from customers of these cookers so far. They kick out an incredible amount of heat and can be cooked on almost instantly.

The mid-range include the Rega models designed and built in Austria / Germany. These cookers come with the option of a double glazed glass panel in the door, and a ceran wipe clean cook surface. The Rega cookers start at under £2000.

The top of the range cookers include the Lohberger LC75 and LC80 models. They include the option of boilers, triple glazed glass panels in the firebox door. They are such a large range of options it is best to contact me and discuss needs so that a price can be calculated more accurately.