All Woodwarm stoves have a ‘stay clean’ double glazed glass panel in the door. They are the most versatile in the range and very easy to use. At present, Woodwarm are our best selling stoves.

Woodwarm stoves use heated secondary air which is drawn through channels before being released across the double glazed door and into the fire. As long as dry wood is used, this creates a condition where a cleanburn is possible for long periods with only a small trickle of air entering the stove.

When I tested Woodwarm stoves, the double glazed glass in the door really did reduce condensation and stayed clear of soot and tar. Being able to have a clear view of the fire at all times really added to the ambiance of my sitting room (which is where I fully test all of the stoves for real life conditions). It also helps the temperatures in the stove remain at around 900° creating a clean burn which in turn throws out incredible heat.

Woodwarm produce a large variety of boiler stoves. They work particularly well as the double glazed door helps keep up the fire temperature to counter-act the boiler which takes heat away which would normally drastically reduce the efficiency of the fire. Woodwarm’s most efficient boilers are found in their latest phoenix range of stoves. These top baffle boilers can produce up to 20,000 btu and have a minimal impact on the efficiency as the boiler is above rather than in contact with the fire. These new top boilers are incredible good and finally there is large output boiler stove that can be used efficiently and with ease.

Woodwarm stoves are the most versatile as they are very easy to light, have a large variety of boilers, provide a clear view of the flames and the stoves are 100% controllable. The fire can be turned up or literally switched off by closing down the air vents. They are great all rounders and are our best selling stoves.